HealthVault Comments: Deepak Singh replies

I try to keep up with other coverage of HealthVault, and doing so lead me to watch a video produced by mndoci on Youtube. I contacted the author, Deepak Singh and asked him if he would do a YouTube video in response to my HealthVault articles. I have been thinking about trying a video post, but have been afraid to take the plunge, now I can see how videos work in this blog by posting Deepak’s video directly here.

The video is a great help to me. I often feel that my writing is clear, and concise. I usually feel this way until I actually talk to a reader, whose questions and criticisms make it clear that I was clearly not so clear. Clarity, apparently, requires hindsight, and sometimes humiliation. I will be posting more about the blogospheres reaction to my HealthVault articles soon. I will be making some changes to make my articles better afterward, so if you are interested in reading version .1 of my thinking on this, better get it now.


One thought on “HealthVault Comments: Deepak Singh replies

  1. Fred,

    I’d like to add that it was your email to me about the video form that has encouraged to <a href=””embrace video as part of my blogging

    I’ve been reading your posts carefully. Will add more in my neck of the woods soon

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