Announcing NPIdentify

A while ago I was contacted by the folks at Health IT Transition (Now defunct.) regarding some NPI development. We decided to collaborate. They turned me on to the intricacies of the NPI database, and I have been doing skunkworks on the NPI database ever since. Sadly, they have been waiting on me since then, hopefully when I come out of skunk works mode, they (and you) will be pleased with the results. But those guy have been far from idle, I am pleased to prompt their announcement of

The site already does some pretty amazing things. It has a mechanism for viewing NPI taxonomy statistics and a tool that allows you to search through the NPI records for your state.

Soon, it will be the most advanced way to manage National Provider Identifier information on the web. Also see the new button on my side menu!!

(updated Feb 18, 2011) Note that my NPI work is now available at You can still download the same applications from if you want that type of interface. If you want really powerful National Provider Identifier search capabilities, is the best available!


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One thought on “Announcing NPIdentify

  1. Skunkworks is right! Some months of the NPPES data had big problems, everything from missing providers to their fields going over the maximum number of characters and missing letters in non-mainstream names. Developing with this data is like blowing soap bubbles at a moving target. In the wind. I taught myself some new cusswords as I was building NPIdentify Desktop.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on Fred’s provider web search tool. I think that between that and the download version, the industry will finally have the sophisticated healthcare provider lookup tools we need.

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