MOSS crosses the threshold

MOSS has successfully tested the IHE profiles, all available under Open Source licenses.

I know for a fact that the MOSS team has been working on this for years. Completing these tests, and making sure they actually work at a Connectathon takes months of preparation and several frantic days of performance. In this respect, the Connecathon is something like a professional sporting event, one where you win by cooperating instead of competing.

This is an extremely impressive achievement and the MOSS team deserves applause. Because they are releasing most of these components as FOSS, the whole world is richer for their achievement!


Updated 2-21-09

Some have pointed out that not all of the Misys HIE tools are open source. This is quite true and I have updated the post to reflect that. MOSS makes no bones about being a hybrid proprietary/open source company.  I am sorry that I gave an impression to the contrary.

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