OSCON includes Healthcare

Update: I am speaking at the 2010 OSCON.

I am happy to spread the news that OSCON, probably the most important Open Source conference in the country, will have a healthcare track in 2010.

Andy Oram has explained the decision to add a healthcare track to OSCON.

They have asked me to help promote the conference and I want to be sure that our community offers up the very best in talks and technical content. This is a really good way to access the developer mind-share in the broader Open Source community and we need to jump all over it.

I can honestly say that this conference will be vastly more important than the little shindig I am putting on in Houston. If you had to attend just one of the two, then you should probably go to OSCON… God bless you if you can go to both!!

With a healthcare track at OSCON, and a healthcare track at SCALE (DOHCS) we are finally moving towards general Open Source healthcare meetups.

I should take a moment to promote OpenMRS, CONNECT and WorldVistA all of which have great project-focused meetings already.

Happy days!


2 thoughts on “OSCON includes Healthcare

  1. Great to hear. I will add OSCON to my conference “wish list” for 2010. This week is POSSCON 2010 in Columbia,SC. While there is not a healthcare track in 2010 I plan on pushing for some representation in 2011.

    Your “little shindig” is on my calendar already but, unfortunately, I missed the first round of tickets.

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