2 thoughts on “Health of the Source at OSCON

  1. Fred,

    A recent FierceEMR article stated that ..the Military Health Systems Tricare Management Activity Office quietly issued a notice on a federal solicitation website that it wants to find a commercial replacement for the clunky AHLTA EHR currently in use. and that ..the VA also is soliciting comments on plans to apply open-source technology to its own plans for updating VistA and says it would only make sense for the MHS to piggyback onto this project. But logic is, indeed, a rare commodity inside the Beltway..

    The operative words here are of course commercial and open-source — with the commercial option said to be biased toward spending massive amounts of money with Epic Systems. Any thoughts on how and why the military would advocate wasting money on commercial software in light of its experience with VistA within the VA hospital system?


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