3 thoughts on “Save Google Wave for Health IT

  1. I personally would have a big problem with my information being sent over Googles server. They store your data, there is no getting around it, and to be honest I dont want a private corporation that makes money from ads having my info like that. Perhaps if someone adapts the code to their server it would be one thing, but if people were actually planning on using google wave to send my information back and forth Im glad its shutting down.

  2. Google wave was not merely a public service, it was also a protocol. Like all protocols it could be used in a Internet fashion or an intranet fashion. The same way you can use SMTP or HTTP entirely internally today, you should be able to use google way.

    But more importantly, google wave was also built from the ground up to support exactly the kinds of security privacy and auditing capabilities that you need to have for do doctor-patient communication.

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