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I am honored to announce that I will be speaking at OSCON 2010 on the healthcare track.

This talk is my “Health of the Source” talk. My intention in this talk is to cover both the “spirit” of Open Source in Healthcare as well as the “letter” of what is specifically going on right now. If you are unfamiliar with Open Source in Healthcare, and you can only attend one single talk on the subject, you should attend my talk. You will learn the most about the most different things. If you want to attend more than one talk, you should probably read Andy Orams summary of the OSCON healthcare talks.

As always, I am asking my readers and followers to tweet me about things that are happening in Open Source Healthcare that I should mention. If you could not get a spot at the conference but you are doing something wonderful, let me know and I will try and mention your work to the right people.


2 thoughts on “Speaking at OSCON

  1. Hi Fred,

    via GNUmed list I have heard ybout your intended talk. It would be really great if you would mention the Debian Med project which recently made some interesting steps in packaging even more medical software. We included GNUmed, just today FreeDiams, we have a lot of medical Imaging stuff and DICOM viewers and medical research in the form of microbiology is covered with more than 70 packages.
    Not yet included but on the todo list even of upstream maintainers is VistA. Here you can see what we include (and waht we intend to include:


    Good luck with your talk


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