Using HTML5 as the basis for HL7 CDA v3

Keith Boone, well known and liked Health IT standards geek has written up a proposal that would make the next release of HL7 CDA based on HTML5 rather than XHTML.

I have just become more deeply familiar with this set of standards as the result of the extensive research I have done on my new book on meaningful use  of Health IT.

I can say, without a moment of hesitation, that this is a really good idea.

Everyone should support this proposal, b/c otherwise, CDA is a huge mess.

Which is not to say that an HTML5 version would not also be a huge mess. But I believe that it would be less of one.


One thought on “Using HTML5 as the basis for HL7 CDA v3

  1. HL7 is the real mess. Old, cumbersome and not programmer friendly. That pipe delimiter thing needs to go the way of the dodo.

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