DocGraph Journal releasing new data sets

(added Apr 6 2018) FYI, new DocGraph datasets are released under CareSet Labs

If you are near Boston, you should consider trying to make it out to Strata RX.

If you live anywhere on the West Coast, its not too late to sign up for Health 2.0

The DocGraph Journal will again be releasing very significant data sets at these conferences. For many purposes, this data release is even more important that the original DocGraph Data Set. Attendees to the conference will be able to get early access to the new data set.

We will also be announcing two new projects that we will be crowdfunding with Medstartr.

There is a third data set that we will be announcing as part of our presentation to the RWJF Pioneer Pitch Day. The pitch from DocGraph about hacking the “medical translation” beat out more than 500 other proposals. We have been keeping this proposal under pretty tight wraps. We are going to build a prototype, from scratch at the Health 2.0 Code-a-thon coming up next weekend. It would be a great irony (and honor) to win that code-a-thon, because I actually proposed this particular skunkworks plan at a previous Health 2.0 Hackathon, and I could not convince any developers to work on it.

DocGraph Journal is also asking Knight News Foundation to fund our next-generation Open Data infrastructure.

In all of this, we are soft launching the DocGraph Journal itself a backbone supporter of the DocGraph project! We have been preparing for all of the projects for months now and we are very happy to launch what we think is going to be the first Open Source Healthcare Data Journal. Our basic business plan with the Journal:

  • Create completely new, uncomfortably relevant healthcare data.
  • Open Source that data.
  • Learn with our community how to leverage those data sets using the latest Big Data methods.
  • Which we can use to move power into the hands of good doctors and empowered patients.
  • Change the World. Profit. In that order.

Wish us luck!